Our Story

Since the age of 5 in 1960, when a Fuller Brush Salesman came to our door on 25th Street off central, I tried to sell him the flatiron off Mother Dear’s ironing board, I’ve had an entrepreneurial bent. This is not about my childhood; that will be for another time. This is about keeping a promise to the single most important person to influence my life story!

  The concept of building something to connect people comes from the fact that I was taught never to feel out of place! “Baby, Mother Dear wants to tell you something; Mother Dear wants you to know, that you are not better than anybody but, you are just as good as everybody!”

 That is how the lovely Mrs. Jordan felt about every person she met; the lovely Mrs. Jordan lived it! Ask around; you may know someone else, whose life she touched. Wait! Wait, before you think it untoward of me, Angel, referred to herself as Mrs. Michael Jordan; however, I called Angel, the lovely Mrs. Jordan! “What we have is much more than they can see”! But I get ahead of myself.

 I met Angel at San Quentin State Prison in February 1990; the most unlikely place to meet the person who would be you BFF and the person you would marry 12 years and a lifetime away, later in 2002! Mother Dear entered eternity on 03/18/2000!

At the age of 48, I married the lovely Mrs. Jordan in a civil ceremony at the Whittier CA Court House. Truly the happiest day of my life to this point! We again later that day at a backyard ceremony at My Father’s House, the Halfway House that I was paroled to.

Our official Wedding Ceremony was July 19, 2002 in Petaluma, CA, in front of the lovely Mrs. Jordan’s family and friends. People, many of whom would become my family and friends!

We were living in Cotati, CA in October 2002 when I was hired at Sutter Lakeside Hospital as an X-Ray Technologist to work the swing shift. We made an offer and closed on a “modular” home in Lakeport, CA. We took possession on December 25th. The lovely Mrs. Jordan kept unloading boxes as I went in for my shift at Sutter Lakeside.

Working a ton of call back and extending my duties. I was cross-trained, as a CT Technologist, as a reward for working the swing shift. So, I was privileged to work both modalities after 6 PM. After 6 PM I was the only Imaging Technologist at the Sutter Lakeside. Life was good; we had two dogs, Moriah and Sinai.

By 2004 the lovely Mrs. Jordan and I owned two homes as we had purchased a foreclosure in Kelseyville, CA, to use as a rental; then, I bought a 3-acre parcel with a spectacular view of Clearlake to build a custom home for the lovely Mrs. Jordan.

Being on parole in the State of CA can be very perilous for any parolee, especially for someone who has spent 22+ years in prison.

When the General contractor told me in March of 2004 that we would be spending Thanksgiving dinner in our new home, and by November he was only 45% completed, the lovely Mrs. Jordan counseled me not to make Pat, the contractor, feel afraid! Because I never hide the fact that I was a parolee. The lovely Mrs. Jordan knew he could complain to law enforcement and get my parole violated.

We were going upside-down on the lake view house, the Tenants, people we knew personally, who had entered rental agreements and were living in our two homes, stopped paying rent.

When I lost our new house and subsequently, the two rental units, the lovely Mrs. Jordan never ridiculed me, never made me feel less than. The lovely Mrs. Jordan said read the book “Failing Forward”. The stress exacerbated the rheumatoid arthritis, and my Rheumatologist at the San Francisco VA Hospital diagnosed me as totally disabled, and due to failing health, I was forced to retire 2006.

The lovely Mrs. Jordan had been an affiliate with Prepaid Legal Services since 1994 but had never really tried to work the business. So, when things started to go south for us, the lovely Mrs. Jordan introduced me to PPLIS and worked as the Directors. Purely on her never say never attitude the lovely Mrs. Jordan built our team to 25 Affiliates and I helped to manage them. I could not separate the cult-like dedication to PPLSI exhibited by the people who needed to qualify each month for their Executive Director check.

Wanting to get to a larger potential client pool, we purchased the house in El Dorado Hills with my friend Curtis’s help. A couple of months after moving into the new house on Stanfel Place in EDH, I surprised the lovely Mrs. Jordan with a trip to Hawaii and did not reveal to her all the way to the airport that we were going to Hawaii for 8 days 7 nights. Yes! I had packed my Beloved’s bag. Oh! The lovely Mrs. Jordan was very, very, low maintenance; I, on the other hand, start getting ready for a 6:30 PM date night dinner at 4:00 PM.

I tried and tried to work with the diminishing health as the rheumatoid arthritis was always there to slow me down and to hinder progress. It was around this time that I was diagnosed with enlarged right inguinal lymph nodes. The ever-resourceful lovely Mrs. Jordan then researched and prior to the scheduled surgery, joined H.T.E. makers of the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. My Beloved became an Affiliate, purchased the Fra Infrared Hothouse Dome, and had me sleep under in for 8 hours a day for 14 days. On the day of the scheduled surgery, the Surgeon palpated the right inguinal area and asked where the enlarged lymph nodes were, that is when the lovely Mrs. Jordan told him about the Hothouse Dome. No lymphadenectomy for this guy.

It took an additional 4 years for the Social Security department to admit that I was totally disabled. By this time, we had reduced to a condominium in Folsom, CA, and I was trying to find my way after 22 years of “walk slow and drink a lot of water” advice offered by Slow Joe, who had at that time 43 consecutive years of incarceration. By this time, the lovely Mrs. Jordan had taken over the reign as the primary source of income.

By 2011 the lovely Mrs. Jordan and I both hoped that my experience with the Hothouse Dome and the lymph nodes would propel the durable medical wellness device sales, but they did not. The continual flares from the rheumatoid arthritis were really slowing me down. I began to gravitate towards online work, particularly the marketing and sales aspects. I must have joined 50 MLM, Work from Home, Home Based Business opportunities. While I helped many of those leaders and owners, I could not pass the cult-like devotion which people expressed to seemingly succeed within the company. I also noticed that there were many hoops to jump through to earn your referral commissions.

In 2010 while helping to build a program called Invite 5, I met the creator and got a lesson in the travel industry, the economy of scale, and, most importantly, to me, and the remainder of this introduction, microfinance!

Working with my new mentor, I decided to test one on the 8 Day 7 Night condominium stays. So, the lovely Mrs. Jordan and I took off for Cocoa Beach, FL, with little or no money. We just needed to feel something different, like there was still the real possibility of winning.

Fast forward to September 2016. The rheumatoid arthritis was ravaging my body, having had bilateral knee replacements in 2000, my right hip had recently been replaced in what was later to be determined a botched job. The lovely Mrs. Jordan had us in a place where we were going to close on a home in Citrus Heights, CA with a pool. My Beloved wanted me to begin regular aquatic exercises to lessen the joint pain and stiffness.

Despite the miscarriage of our unborn child in 2004, despite losing three homes, despite my failing health, and despite no one believing in my microfinance model, the lovely Mrs. Jordan believed and had gotten us a home which was set to close on 09/29/2016!

On the night of September 25, 2016, my Beloved was having her normal sleep anxiety because my Beloved was going on a cruise with Cheryl and Haley Ann. The trip had been long-planned, and I knew Cheryl, and in fact, the only cruise I have been on was an H.T.E. cruise which the lovely Mrs. Jordan had won 1st prize, and my Beloved and I went, and Cheryl and Donnalee were among the other H.T.E. Affiliates on the cruise. My Beloved had experienced significant elbow pain four days prior, which required our youngest daughter Raquel to take her Mom to the Kaiser ER in Roseville. The lovely Mrs. Jordan was prescribed Toradol and Flexeril for the pain. That morning, 09.26.2016, I thought my Beloved was a little loopy due to the medication.

I spoke with the lovely Mrs. Jordan and Cheryl later that day of the 26th before them boarding the ship, and Cheryl said that the lovely Mrs. Jordan was loopy, and I told Cheryl about the medication. Radio silence, then on 09/28/2016, I get a call, and the lovely Mrs. Jordan is telling me the Ships Physician will not accept her Kaiser medical card and wants $300 to examine her. My Beloved says she will be fine. Later that day, I get a call from the Ship Physician, saying my wife’s Creatine significantly level is elevated. Radio silence again.

Late that Wednesday night, Raquel calls and says that Cheryl called her and that Mama, my Beloved is in the infirmary and that the ship will dock at 6 AM Thursday the 29th and that Raquel will go to the ship to meet them and to look after Mama. No one was prepared for what would happen next.

The ship docked in Long Beach, CA and Raquel was there to greet them. The ship refused to allow Raquel to take her Mama off the ship, although the Paramedics were there to take the lovely Mrs. Jordan to the hospital; until Raquel paid $3,000.00 for the bill. It’s for her Mom being in the ship’s infirmary, although the lovely Mrs. Jordan purchased cruise Insurance prior to the cruise.

Once Raquel paid the money, the paramedics rushed the lovely Mrs. Jordan to Long Beach Memorial Emergency ICU as my Beloved had been unconscious since 09/28/2016. Later that morning, I spoke with Raquel who had me speak with the Charge Nurse; I asked, how is my wife? The Charge Nurse said Mr. Jordan get here as quickly as you can, your wife’s situation is dire.

By this time, we were living paycheck to paycheck. I did not have the money for a plane ticket. I called Jet Blue Airlines and explained my situation, and that of my Beloved and Jet Blue provided me a 1-way ticket to Long Beach, CA where Sophia, Raquel’s BFF, picked me up and took me to the hospital. When I got to the Hospital and saw the lovely Mrs. Jordan lying there helpless and intubated to allow my Beloved to breathe, I was terrified and worried that I would lose my Great Love!

Medically induced coma for 14 days! It seems that the lovely Mrs. Jordan went into septic shock with the commonly known bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus. The bacteria had somehow gotten into my Beloved’s bloodstream. The bacteria showed itself riding my Beloved’s heart valve in CT Scan, which could require open-heart surgery. From Long Beach Memorial to Kaiser Long Beach to Kaiser Los Angeles.

By the time the lovely Mrs. Jordan and I arrived at the Kaiser Los Angeles CICU; I knew that I would not go back to Folsom any time soon. I knew that I would be with my Beloved every step of the way. I was there when the lovely Mrs. Jordan opened her eyes for the 1st time in 14 days! I went to bed and stared intensely into my Beloved’s eyes; they were cloudy and not clear and probing as usual. I whispered, do you know who I am? And the lovely Mrs. Jordan nodded yes ever so slightly.

I was overjoyed with optimism that the lovely Mrs. Jordan could make a recovery from this terrible battle. A few hours passed by, and I went to bed again and saw that my Beloved was awake and asked, do you know who I am? To which the lovely Mrs. Jordan shook her head no, ever so slightly. My heart was crushed!

After several days in the CICU, we were transferred to the ICU, and it was there that we learned post-CT Scan, that the bacteria had logged against the lovely Mrs. Jordan’s spinal cord and caused paralysis from C-3 & C-4 down. My Beloved, a once vibrant life-loving, hugging everyone who she thought needed a hug, was now unable to do any of the daily functions for herself. Love conquers all fear and doubt!

Early on, the attending Physician had ordered that I receive 3 meals daily and that the lovely Mrs. Jordan be in a private room so that I could spend 24 hours daily with my Beloved. Despite my own health problems, there was NO WAY I was going to leave my Beloved there in that hospital alone, to wake up and say, where is Big Daddy? So, I was always there! From 09/29/2016 until we left the hospital on 03/08/2017 I did not leave the lovely Mrs. Jordan side. I would only go outside whenever our 2 daughters came to visit their Mama.

On 03/08/2017 when we left Kaiser Los Angeles heading to Salinas to live with Raquel & David, the lovely Mrs. Jordan road in an ambulance and I followed in our vehicle. From 03/08/2017 until 10/19/2019 the lovely Mrs. Jordan and I did not miss one day of sleeping in the same room. During this time, the lovely Mrs. Jordan let me know that it was not my fault, and that I was still “her Michael”!

We grew closer each day as I brushed the lovely Mrs. Jordan’s teeth, and I bathed my Beloved in bed and cleaned the poop or had to help clear her rectum because she was constipated. These days were the most fulfilling and the saddest days of my life to that point. As my Beloved suffered a level 15 pain daily, and yet my Beloved always worried about her daughters, grandchildren, and about me.

In 1990, in the most unlikely of places, San Quentin, the lovely Mrs. Jordan, and I became friends. The lovely Mrs. Jordan saw the best in me shortly after we met, and my Beloved kept that vision of me until the day that we went to the hospital that last time on 10/08/2019. When we went to Valley Memorial Hospital on 10/08/2019; I thought my Beloved had another mucous plug. When my Beloved was transferred to the Kaiser San Jose ICU, it became apparent that the lovely Mrs. Jordan was ready to make her Aliyah.

The hardest day of my life was not on June 14, 1981 when I was sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences in the California Department of Corrections; I was not arrested, as much as I was rescued.

The hardest day of my life was on 10/19/2019 when the lovely Mrs. Aleah Angel Jordan, my Beloved, my Great Love, breathed her last and gave up the ghost! The lovely Mrs. Jordan NEVER STOPPED BELEIVING IN Me!


This Crowd Funded Cashback Community™ is the brainchild of Michael E. Jordan, and the heart and compassion of the concept of inclusion is the lovely Mrs. Jordan! The Spirit of my Beloved is all over this project! We will make a difference in the lives of everyone who participates in the Crowd Funded Cashback Community™! Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop!

I will find you Mrs. Jordan, but not yet!

To Our Success,


  “Dream of The Return”